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Protect Your Future and Theirs
Long term care insurance makes certain you won't be a burden on your family

At Personal Care Services, we accept all Long Term Care Insurances

It is impossible to predict when or for what period of time long term care will be needed. However, it is possible to prepare for the financial and emotional challenges that come along with it. If your loved one has a Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance Policy, it may cover some costs of
In-Home Care.
LTC Insurance helps pay for costs not covered by private medical insurance. This type of plan minimizes the costs of long-term health care needs. Learning about your choices now can help make the decisions making process easier and less stressful for you and your loved ones when the times comes. Our highly skilled insurance specialists will walk you through all of your LTC insurance options step by step and handle all of the processing for you.

To learn more about our LTC services, insurances accepted, and services provided, please contact our office to speak to a specialist for more information.